Error is boundless.
Nor hope nor doubt,
Though both be groundless,
Will average out.

Jan 042017

Ugliness, incompetence, immaturity: these have become ideologies — no longer failures but ends in themselves.

Dec 232016

You don’t build machines smarter than the designer for the same reason you don’t write novels with characters smarter than the author.

Dec 122016

Two parties will often heatedly dispute a fact which, if it could be definitely established, would change the opinion of neither.

Dec 082016

Facts, n.  Values that one is unwilling or unable to articulate.

Nov 172016

Sometimes we encounter ideas that cannot be reconciled with what we already believe, and these we call untrue.

Nov 142016

It is because we regard conforming opinions as virtue that we treat deviant ones as vice.

Nov 072016

The wish is occasionally the father of the thought, but more often the midwife.

Nov 042016

The one indispensable element in starting a business is gross overconfidence.

Nov 022016

Don’t worry about the facts. You can always find the ones you need.

Oct 202016

The lottery ticket is cheap, it’s the hope that’s expensive.