You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

May 212014

An electronic device that tracked your location at all times used to be a condition of parole.

May 162014

Rudeness is often permissible and sometimes mandatory.

May 072014

A country becomes civilized when its inhabitants can form an orderly queue.

Feb 102014

People who do not say what they mean usually do not know what they mean.

Jan 242014

Anyone who hates children is paying them far too much attention.

Jan 142014

To hate something properly you must have liked it once.

Jan 022014

Now that all have prizes, has everybody won?

Nov 122013

A party should include a few guests who can’t be trusted with the silver.

Oct 282013

The chief perquisite of belonging to a race or creed is a lifetime pass to tell nasty jokes at its expense.