The dead alive and busy.

Feb 182015

There is nothing that everyone should read but a lot that no one should.

Feb 122015

The reader properly resents coincidence. Life does not arrange itself to suit him; why should it arrange itself to suit the author?

Jan 122015

No one wants realism in fiction — only a bit of reality tinsel to decorate the old myths.

Dec 022014

Readers fall in love with villains because authors do.

Dec 012014


Magisterial: Pompous
Brilliant: Unreliable
Valuable: Trivial
Eccentric: Deranged
Classic: Dull
Formidable: Duller
Encyclopedic: Stupefying

Aug 192014

The reader will often reject, when it is explained and argued for, what he would swallow if it were stated baldly and unadorned.

Aug 012014

Write in the margin as you would speak to the author.