The obscurest epoch is today.

Oct 302015

Historical figures are vectors, with magnitude and direction.

Oct 262015

Man begins by treating objects as agents; then he grows scientific, and treats agents as objects.

Oct 142015

The cure for whoring after the new is to learn how old it is.

Oct 062015

The tyrant concerned for his historical reputation must concentrate his fire on the inarticulate, who don’t leave pesky memoirs behind. Kill peasants, not Jews.

Sep 152015

To understand the past, treat it like the present; to understand the present, treat it like the past.

Aug 262015

Continuous moral progress of the species is an idea so grotesquely flattering that it cannot possibly be true.

Aug 242015

Almost everyone believes in science; it is history that no one believes in.

Aug 212015

Now we celebrate human diversity, having spent the last few millennia obliterating it.