Manufacturing stupidity.

Mar 172014

Nearly every field of human endeavor should be rescued from its admirers.

Feb 142014

Of all the lies taught in school, the most vicious is that one ought to perform boring tasks diligently.

Jan 072014

Clever is a great compliment to children and a gross insult to adults.

Oct 212013

An education is frequently confused with the flotsam one picks up on the way to acquiring it.

Jul 162013

Americans take no interest in education but are obsessed with schooling.

Jul 022013

A pseudo-science colonizes other disciplines; a real one sticks to its last.

May 222013

The most effective way to learn is by devoting oneself to a single subject for months at a time. Its opposite is school.

Mar 152013

Beware of any discipline that creates its own subject matter.

Feb 262013

Defang a book by putting it on the syllabus, a painting by putting it in a museum, and a radical by putting him in the ministry.