Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Mar 292019

Those who suffer for their art usually make you suffer for it too.

Feb 252019

Fiction: imaginary people, real problems. Sports: imaginary problems, real people.

Jan 312019

American cities are dotted by hulks of jagged, rusting metal, abandoned, seemingly without function, surrounded by endless expanses of concrete. This is the public sculpture.

Jan 112019

Musical taste ossifies early for the same reason mathematicians peak young.

Nov 302018

A savage can be a proper host: it takes civilization to be a proper guest.

Nov 082018

Good artists steal, great artists are stolen from.

Sep 192018

Acquired taste, n.   An inclination sometimes inborn, sometimes affected, and always snobbish.

Aug 032018

Why does Hollywood hate capitalism? You would too, if you thought it looked like Hollywood.