Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Jan 022015

You call a man a cynic when you can’t call him wrong, and an idealist when you don’t want to.

Dec 192014

If you wish to change a man’s beliefs, you have to give him something to replace them.

Nov 272014

Any sufficiently naive use of the word “science” is indistinguishable from the word “magic.”

Nov 062014

Beauty that does not in some way modify your standards for beauty is kitsch.

Oct 132014

Sometimes it is the work of art that looks at you and finds you wanting.

Sep 292014

Whether joy and suffering are regarded as immoral depends on which comes first.

Sep 192014

Most of the great art ever produced has been destroyed, forgotten, or unrecognized.

Sep 162014

Man oscillates continuously between wishing to remain exactly as he is and wishing to become something, anything else.

Sep 152014

Sanity is correspondence at the expense of coherence. Madness is coherence at the expense of correspondence.

Aug 112014

One can achieve certain intense aesthetic experiences only at the cost of missing out on others entirely.