Operations of thought are like cavalry charges in a battle — they are strictly limited in number, require fresh horses, and must only be made at decisive moments.

Aug 192015

To follow your heart is exactly what people who are skilled at manipulating your emotions want you to do.

Aug 032015

We rarely absorb ideas; they settle on us, like dust or ash.

Jul 282015

There is no point in arguing over premises, which are assumed, or conclusions, which are contained in the premises.

Jul 142015

Stupidity at an immense age becomes instrumental rationality, just as crime on an immense scale becomes statecraft.

Jun 222015

One certainty is often exchanged for another, doubt for certainty occasionally, certainty for doubt almost never.

Jun 182015

To see one’s thought summarized aptly and briefly is the rare experience that is flattering and humiliating in equal measure.