Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

May 222014

No situation is so desperate that a little hard work and ingenuity can’t make it worse.

May 142014

Notable achievements involve a lot of staring into space.

May 132014

Our doctors have cured so much, so little of it disease.

May 082014

Effort is like medicine: half of it is useless or harmful, and the trick is to know which half.

Apr 292014

Every nuisance that you could fix but tolerate instead represents a small, private, but unmistakable regression to savagery.

Mar 132014

The product of too great a contempt for bad work is no work.

Feb 262014

The history of science has been a progressive obliteration of distinctions between humans and other natural phenomena.

Feb 132014

Good work does not make its own way in the world.