If it had been your exact thought you would have used my exact words.

Mar 242016

A great part of writing is the audacity to say “men are” when you mean “I am.”

Mar 072016

In bygone days, when an author did not hear continuously from his readers, he was less inclined to patronize them.

Feb 232016

I am beginning to hope that the mark of a good aphorism is the number of uses it can be put to of which its author would not approve.

Feb 102016

That truth is stranger than fiction ought to embarrass novelists considerably.

Jan 112016

Rhetoric, n.  An argument that one is unwilling to believe and unable to refute. Cf. sophistry.

Dec 302015

Aphorism is less a matter of finding wisdom than losing patience.

Dec 182015

All authors suspect, while they have no readers, that they are worthless. Then they acquire a few, and become convinced.