Aug 092019

A field that uncomprehendingly imitates the methods of a more prestigious field will also imitate its style: the result being writing that not even the author understands.

Aug 072019

I bring my readers the glad tidings that there’s a lot you can’t fix and shouldn’t worry about, and it doesn’t seem to make them happy.

Aug 062019

“Be honest”: An injunction to lie.

Aug 052019

Fastidiousness can defeat barbarism but not savagery.

Aug 022019

A little truth, hard-won, can last a man for life. It is lies and nonsense for which a tolerance soon becomes a taste, a taste an appetite, and an appetite at last an insatiable craving.

Jul 312019

I know many people with a positive mania for facing uncomfortable truths; it seems not to discomfort them in the least.

Jul 302019

Hell has no comedy, just an endless discussion of what isn’t funny.