Oct 172019

The check is sometimes in the mail, but no one has ever been just curious.

Oct 162019

I am working toward a world in which someday someone will be so wrong, so often, that he will just stop talking.

Oct 152019

The past also judges us, less indulgently than the future will.

Oct 142019

Today it is especially important to condescend to both sexes equally.

Oct 112019

Civilization is always under attack, always crumbling, always burning; it ends when we can no longer repel the invaders, shore up the foundations, and extinguish the flames.

Oct 102019

To read minds, don’t tell people their thoughts, supply them with better ones.

Oct 092019

The less disposed we are to act on a belief, the more vehemently we defend it.

Oct 072019

What you get is, to a first approximation, what you want.