Apr 112014

Ignorance prevents plagiarism but does not confer originality.

Apr 102014

Humanity has progressed vastly with how, less with what, and not at all with why.

Apr 092014

One ought to be a bit embarrassed to win an election.

Apr 082014

To make a reputation as a deep thinker, settle on a single half-truth early, and spend the rest of your life flogging it.

Apr 032014

The basest viciousness usually wraps itself in a hygienic metaphor.

Apr 022014

A man should be pleased to make subtle errors; it means he has avoided the obvious ones.

Apr 012014

The inability to fathom a design without a designer leads to hostility to markets in half of the world, and hostility to Darwin in the other half.

Mar 312014

Only after he has exhausted his other resources does the boy begin to torture insects, or the ruler his subjects.