Nov 082013

Few experiences are more salutary than losing an argument, but only if you notice.

Nov 072013

Those who can remember the past are condemned to tell those who cannot what part of it we are now repeating.

Nov 042013

Anyone who believes that if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem is part of the problem.

Nov 012013

Nobody says “it’s the law” about a good law.

Oct 312013

A relentlessly cheerful, upbeat, can-do attitude is a highly effective form of bullying.

Oct 302013

Blaming an actor for being a narcissist is like blaming a tiger for being a carnivore.

Oct 292013

Everybody is worth a paragraph, but almost nobody is worth two.

Oct 282013

The chief perquisite of belonging to a race or creed is a lifetime pass to tell nasty jokes at its expense.