Dec 092013

Yesterday the great enemy of democracy was distinction of birth; today it is distinction of wealth; tomorrow it will be distinction.

Dec 062013

Integrity is the writer refusing to make allowances for the reader; philistinism is the reader refusing to make allowances for the writer.

Dec 052013

Failure is always an option. Often it is the best option.

Dec 042013

Uncivilized colonists enslave the aborigines; civilized colonists exterminate them.

Dec 032013

The principle of epistemic modesty does not imply that people in high places know what they’re doing; quite the contrary.

Dec 022013

To be perfectly sincere one must be very clever or very stupid.

Nov 292013

Good critics do not have good taste. They have articulate, consistent taste for which the reader can correct.

Nov 282013

To be powerful relieves one of the obligation to be interesting.

Nov 262013

Every historical atrocity has been committed in the name of some high principle.