Jul 092014

You can smoke all you like in the movies, but you can’t cough without dying.

Jul 082014

In a democratic age manners and mores spread from top to bottom, then from bottom back to top.

Jul 072014

The ordinary idea of goodness is so passive that it lacks its own verb: one sins, but never saints.

Jul 042014

Behind the insult “calculating” a whole moral history of humanity lies hidden.

Jul 032014

No one seeks power with a song in his heart.

Jul 022014

A man will reveal the most intimate details of his sex life before he will show you his tax return.

Jul 012014

A picture lies better than a thousand words.

Jun 302014

Men who have faced death without fear quail at the prospect of a black mark on their credit report.

Jun 272014

Intellectuals are hostile to businessmen chiefly because the public prefers what the businessmen are selling.