Mar 272013

Code is poetry, which says nothing about code, but poetry is also code, which says a lot about poetry.

Mar 262013

Computers will never be intelligent because humans define intelligence as whatever they do better than computers.

Mar 252013

Do what you love, provided it is useful and remunerative. Otherwise do something else.

Mar 222013

The honeymoon ends with the first sigh.

Mar 212013

Only intellectuals confuse what they know with what they can articulate.

Mar 202013

An excellent book could be written consisting entirely of synopses of books that ought to be written.

Mar 192013

There is a level of fame where it is no longer necessary to be interesting, and a higher level where it is no longer possible.

Mar 182013

We lie first about money, then about art; sex runs a distant third.

Mar 152013

Beware of any discipline that creates its own subject matter.

Mar 142013

Critics resent artists, but not half as much as artists resent critics.