Oct 212013

An education is frequently confused with the flotsam one picks up on the way to acquiring it.

Oct 182013

To manage people effectively you must not only accept but praise work that you could have done better yourself.

Oct 172013

Etiquette and ritual are observed long after traditions and religions have died, as fingernails seem to still grow on a corpse.

Oct 162013

We all suffer from a variety of psychiatric disorders, which used to be known as personality.

Oct 152013

Universal suffrage enforces a universal delusion of special competence in politics.

Oct 112013

The only known cure for materialism is poverty.

Oct 102013

More successful enterprises have been created for spite than for money.

Oct 092013

An actor can be ugly and still have no talent.

Oct 082013

Minor masterpiece: What critics call a book they think they might have written themselves with a few more evenings and weekends free.