Mar 192013

There is a level of fame where it is no longer necessary to be interesting, and a higher level where it is no longer possible.

Mar 182013

We lie first about money, then about art; sex runs a distant third.

Mar 152013

Beware of any discipline that creates its own subject matter.

Mar 142013

Critics resent artists, but not half as much as artists resent critics.

Mar 132013

Reading an author’s work for his life is like digging up a garden for manure.

Mar 122013

A new law is passed. We do not read it; would not understand it if we read it; could not foresee its consequences if we understood it; yet hold an unalterable opinion of its merits.

Mar 112013

Nothing is more exasperating than being lied to when both of you know and neither will admit it; yet this goes on all the time.

Mar 082013

Our awareness of what we deserve, but lack, is surpassed only by our blindness to what we have, but do not deserve.

Mar 072013

Diseases have fashions, but hypochondria is always in style.

Mar 062013

As I interpret Genesis, the original sin is ennui.