Jun 102013

When a woman tells a man she’s married, she means she doesn’t want to sleep with him; when a man tells a woman he’s married, he means he’s heterosexual.

Jun 072013

One idea suffices — for a book, for an essay, for an aphorism.

Jun 062013

We praise in others what we wish to have noticed in ourselves.

Jun 052013

The likable never know whether they are liked for themselves or for their likability.

Jun 042013

The worst hangover is the morning after you finish a bad book.

Jun 032013

Efficient search is serendipity’s implacable enemy.

May 312013

What passes for sanity is only people’s fortunate refusal to take their own ideas seriously.

May 302013

A man will sooner confess a great crime than a small error.

May 292013

There is little difference between collecting books and collecting porcelain elephants.

May 282013

Behavioral is to classical economics as relativistic is to classical mechanics.