Jul 162013

Americans take no interest in education but are obsessed with schooling.

Jul 152013

Unbending virtue dies on the page. Bores, prigs, hypocrites, blowhards, martinets — these are the glories of world literature.

Jul 122013

Restaurants fail more frequently than gas stations because no one dreams of quitting his corporate job to open a gas station.

Jul 112013

If the object of desire is rich, we call it gold-digging; if handsome, lust; if clever, fascination; and if he has no discernible appeal, we call it love.

Jul 102013

The modern mind will countenance any explanation for what you say except that you believe it.

Jul 092013

The incorruptible politician merely prefers power to money.

Jul 082013

We can all be replaced, and we all are.

Jul 052013

You stir up a lot of sunken knowledge when you reorganize your library.