Dec 262018

Don’t make big plans at small hours.

Dec 252018

Anyone who has not invested in his own recommendations has no skin in the game; and anyone who has is talking his book.

Dec 242018

What is privilege? A term — beloved by parents, nuns, schoolmarms, jailers — to describe what doesn’t belong to you, and can be revoked at any time without reason or warning.

Dec 212018

There are worse ways to judge a government than if the trains run on time.

Dec 192018

Capitalism is a daily exercise in getting what you want without knowing what you want.

Dec 182018

Men and women both know what men want, and neither know what women want, yet in the end, it’s women who get what they want.

Dec 172018

The conservative stands athwart history with a radar gun, handing out the occasional speeding ticket to make quota.

Dec 142018

Do what you love for a living, and learn to hate it.