Mar 082019

Exalt theory over practice, and youth over age will shortly follow.

Mar 072019

That the great are so rarely good speaks mostly to the poverty of our moral intuitions.

Mar 062019

Maybe it was the nerds who were evil all along.

Mar 052019

It is dishonest to make a special point of not lying.

Mar 042019

Inversion marches under the banner of Equality.

Mar 012019

No sensible ruler tries to suppress ideas. It is a comparatively simple matter to suppress their implementation.

Feb 282019

The Two Kinds of Useful Books

1. Technical, scientific, mathematical
2. Hurts your feelings

Feb 272019

The Fundamental Law of Psychology: The more objectionable the finding, the likelier it is to be replicated.

Feb 262019

Nothing is more depressing than an unceasing barrage of uplift.

Feb 252019

Fiction: imaginary people, real problems. Sports: imaginary problems, real people.