May 262017

The commercial and avant-garde hacks enslave themselves equally to their audience — one to confirm its expectations, one to frustrate them.

May 252017

No man is great enough to do without his place and time.

May 242017

Your detractors may be bigots or misanthropes — or worse, they may despise you for who you really are.

May 232017

I hope not to run dry
Too long before I die.

May 222017

Many errors can be corrected with five minutes of internet research. Unfortunately none of them are worth correcting.

May 182017

The legislative branch is government as we imagine it, the executive as we know it, the judicial as we resort to it in extremity.

May 172017

Who, after seven hours a day, five days a week, nine months a year in school, hasn’t thought, at least once, about shooting up the place?

May 162017

Almost no one is worth reading on more than one subject.