Mar 022018

Clever women like to be told that they are beautiful, and beautiful women that they are clever.

Mar 012018

Few enjoy violence neat, but stir in a little righteousness and it makes a popular cocktail.

Feb 282018

The excuse is never buried more than three reasons deep.

Feb 272018

Professing communism never saved a kulak, and professing Nazism never saved a Jew. Only the religious fanatics are that sporting.

Feb 262018

Without the will to fire the gun is no use.

Feb 232018

Convincing others is the minor problem with argument; the major one is convincing yourself.

Feb 222018

Reason, n.   1. A technique for justifying conclusions contrary to common sense. 2. Common sense. Obs.

Feb 202018

My hope for the dominant culture is that it will bore itself to death.

Feb 192018

If your argument is unanswered it is usually not because it is irrefutable.