Jan 092018

The cheap stuff is far more agreeable than the idea of buying it.

Jan 082018

It seems increasingly doubtful that class participation should ever have been encouraged.

Jan 052018

I would gladly trade a bit more bullying for a lot less tattling.

Jan 042018

It is humble to side with science, and abject to side with history.

Jan 032018

No child aspires to become employable when he grows up.

Jan 022018

Most of what we are told is better than nothing is in fact far worse.

Jan 012018

We admire success, and deplore most of the qualities and behavior that produce it.

Dec 292017

All popular conceptions of genius are meticulously constructed to flatter mediocrity.

Dec 282017

The crank cannot be refuted, only dismissed.

Dec 272017

History is best read with a grand theory in mind. It will surely be false, but facts and incidents will cling to it like lint.