Oct 032017

After an act of intellectual malpractice so egregious that nothing can excuse it, there is only one thing to say: “My point still stands.”

Oct 022017

Men rally most readily for what can be immediately done and never undone — a rescue, say, or a lynching.

Sep 282017

It is easy to mistake the destruction of one’s world-view for the destruction of the world.

Sep 272017

Not so long ago people were enslaved by other than comfort, choice, and convenience.

Sep 262017

To become a god, first stay out of sight.

Sep 252017

Actual tyrannies require courage to oppose.

Sep 222017

It would have occurred to approximately no one in history to ask if what he was doing made him happy.

Sep 212017

Influential books usually have a few readers, who usually have a great many.

Sep 202017

There’s no harm in opinions, as long as you don’t believe them.