Nov 012017

Social media are to friendship what vaping is to smoking.

Oct 312017

Naive irrationality is the refusal to refer actions and sentiments to abstract principle; decadent irrationality is the insistence on it.

Oct 302017

Psychology begins by classifying people according to their conduct; then grows scientific, and deduces conduct from the classifications.

Oct 272017

Reality, n.   The court to which one eventually appeals after losing competitions for power, wealth, and status.

Oct 262017

Our universe is wild, and our thought is tame.

Oct 242017

Our idea that beliefs, in themselves, can make one virtuous — what is it but grace by faith?

Oct 232017

Ideology, n.   A system of belief that leads to frumpiness.

Oct 192017

Say what you like about our form of government, it beats democracy.