Apr 062017

When you find yourself in a book, what you lose is the book.

Apr 052017

By the time you know all the answers you no longer believe them.

Apr 042017

The desire to rule would be impotent without the desire to be ruled.

Apr 032017

Believing that nothing is true permits you to believe that anything is possible.

Mar 312017

When someone says he doesn’t understand, he’s not usually asking for an explanation.

Mar 302017

People resent being told what to think, but they scarcely notice being told what to think about.

Mar 292017

To converse while standing is difficult; to orate while sitting is impossible.

Mar 282017

We are asked to be tolerant when we are expected to approve.

Mar 272017

It is possible to be overprivileged, and certainly to be underprivileged, but not, it seems, to be privileged just right.

Mar 242017

The people must be stupid, for they pay me no mind.