Aug 082017

We speak with awe of ruling the world, as the supreme attainment; but the world has had many rulers, on the whole a sorry lot.

Aug 072017

Humans have improved modestly in acquiring knowledge but vastly in transmitting it.

Aug 042017

We perpetuate ourselves with art and offspring; but art has less alloy and may last longer.

Aug 032017

Almost always it is action that issues in conviction; the reverse is so rare that we never fail to mark it.

Aug 022017

Whatever I’ve believed with passionate intensity has been wrong.

Aug 012017

The distinctive modern contribution to language has been the acronym.

Jul 312017

The full-grown model pupil speaks of “problems” to be “solved”, as if the world were a textbook and these the exercises.

Jul 282017

Not every aversion is a fear, and not every fear is a phobia.

Jul 272017

It doesn’t matter what is on television; what matters is that it is on television.

Jul 262017

By the time we are old enough to say what we please we have lost the habit.