Jul 092019

Your first reaction shows what you are. Your subsequent revisions show how much you dislike what you are.

Jul 082019

It is on the most dubious propositions that we lavish our most ardent desires.

Jul 042019

To be published in outlets of respectable opinion it is necessary to form respectable opinions.

Jul 032019

It is first necessary, if you wish to save the world, to eliminate anyone who can save himself.

Jul 022019

The fundamental freedom is of association: from it all others can be derived, without it all others are moot.

Jul 012019

To dominate someone is to think less often of him than he does of you, and to do this on a mass scale is fame.

Jun 282019

For those who flatter us we have many nasty names, but never liar.

Jun 272019

Pleasure lies chiefly in anticipation and retrospection, the experience itself being necessary to ensure that neither is spoiled.