Apr 122017

The conquerors enslave the conquered, when the gap between them is small; when it is large, they exterminate them.

Apr 112017

Men first lie and cheat for sport, then for trinkets, and finally for great ends, having formed the habit.

Apr 102017

A suppressed idea mutates to ever more virulent forms; these are then invoked to justify its continued suppression.

Apr 072017

When we adhere to convention in appearance, we show that we care what others think; and we show that we care deeply when we depart from it.

Apr 062017

When you find yourself in a book, what you lose is the book.

Apr 052017

By the time you know all the answers you no longer believe them.

Apr 042017

The desire to rule would be impotent without the desire to be ruled.

Apr 032017

Believing that nothing is true permits you to believe that anything is possible.

Mar 312017

When someone says he doesn’t understand, he’s not usually asking for an explanation.

Mar 302017

People resent being told what to think, but they scarcely notice being told what to think about.