Nov 032016

Money makes all things possible, such as not caring about money.

Nov 022016

Don’t worry about the facts. You can always find the ones you need.

Nov 012016

Ideas need not stand continuous duty, like sentries; you can abandon one without another fresh and ready to take its place.

Oct 312016

Populism is the theory that your inferiors should have a say, and authoritarianism is the theory that it should be at your expense.

Oct 282016

It is difficult, when you are poor and obscure, to persuade anyone of your indifference to wealth and fame.

Oct 262016

If you must write for an audience, why not the one you want to have?

Oct 252016

We wonder at the man who gives his life to the group, forgetting that the group also gives its life to him.

Oct 242016

A few have learned to suppress their dismay that the world does not regard them quite as they regard themselves, and this we call modesty.