Sep 072016

With his philanthropy the tycoon assuages his guilt for the good he has done with his business.

Sep 062016

The most attractive characteristic of the city dweller is his incuriosity about the neighbors.

Sep 052016

So many selves, so little to express.

Sep 022016

Checks and balances and the separation of powers, the supposed bedrock principles of American government, contradict each other directly.

Sep 012016

Photographs do not steal your soul, only your memories.

Aug 312016

How quickly we recover from being stunned into silence.

Aug 302016

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, unless the dogs happen to belong to the same professional guild.

Aug 292016

Knowledge is to have a hammer; wisdom is to recognize what’s not a nail.

Aug 242016

That the many knowledgeable and intelligent people who disagree with you are deluded is the most common delusion of all.

Aug 232016

For himself a man will go only so far. To stop at nothing, discard every scruple, he must be convinced that he will make a better world.