Jan 122017

An idea both novel and interesting is almost surely wrong.

Jan 112017

A career can be fashioned from a single idea. Two may be tolerated. Three or more are fatal.

Jan 102017

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt look like sound epistemic principles to me.

Jan 092017

When someone does not speak your language, raise your voice.

Jan 062017

You can talk a man into anything, as long as there’s nothing you have to talk him out of.

Jan 052017

Historically killing deprived its victims only of life; the modern refinement is to deprive them first of agency.

Jan 042017

Ugliness, incompetence, immaturity: these have become ideologies — no longer failures but ends in themselves.

Jan 032017

A better version of oneself will be someone else.

Jan 022017

Most of the enlistees in a struggle against oppression regard it merely as a struggle for spoils; the rest are insane.

Dec 302016

Accidents happen not when alarms fail to go off, but when they go off too often.