Dec 022016

The most vexing problem in psychology is the happiness and success of our inferiors.

Nov 302016

We elect such hideous candidates, and we are all such lovely people.

Nov 292016

Artists should be judged by their best work. Architects do not have this luxury.

Nov 282016

Each great upheaval of history that now seems to us inevitable came to nearly everyone who lived through it as a complete surprise.

Nov 252016

That we would have been above the absurd beliefs and barbaric practices of other times — this absurd belief abets our barbaric practices.

Nov 232016

The Off button has grown smaller, and scarcer, and harder to find; soon it will disappear.

Nov 222016

We can almost forgive the genius for being sane, but not for being happy.

Nov 212016

We despise capitalism, democracy, and technology not for giving us what we want, but for showing us what we want.