Mar 082016

Reading is like sauce-making: one does not remember the books so much as become infused with them.

Mar 072016

In bygone days, when an author did not hear continuously from his readers, he was less inclined to patronize them.

Mar 042016

The contemporary businessman cares only for art, and the contemporary artist only for money.

Mar 032016

Humanity stayed poor through centuries of philosophy, and got rich when Watt perfected the steam engine.

Mar 022016

Those who trust their first thought sometimes have a second, but rarely a third.

Feb 292016

Personality, n. A collection of unpleasant mannerisms.

Feb 262016

What is dangerous is not ignorance, but the size of the gap between what you know and what you think you know.

Feb 242016

Hegel’s a priori astronomy is laughed at, yet a priori theories of mind remain entirely respectable.