Jan 292019

If you can convince a man to believe nothing, you can convince him to believe anything.

Jan 282019

Progressive mores, which in the name of equality must be preached to and adopted by all, are mildly toxic to about a tenth of the population, crippling to two-thirds, and potentially fatal to the rest. For a few grifters they make a lucrative career.

Jan 252019

The lower the latitude, the greater the lassitude.

Jan 242019

An opinion not worth fearing isn’t worth having.

Jan 232019

The best-attested, most frequently reproduced result in social science is that social scientists do not have the faintest idea how to conduct a study.

Jan 222019

You can never teach a man to love his neighbor as himself, but with a little effort you can teach him to hate himself every bit as much as his neighbor.

Jan 212019

An infallible sign of fraudulence, in an academic department, is “studies” in its name.

Jan 182019

Life is a series of increasingly elaborate marshmallow tests.

Jan 172019

The savage’s hatred of the civilized man does little harm, unless abetted by the civilized man’s hatred of himself.

Jan 162019

Not making the same mistake twice seems exceedingly optimistic.