Oct 202015

The shortest way to make a million dollars is to start with a hundred million; and so it is with education.

Oct 192015

All disputes over process are in fact over policy.

Oct 162015

To discover the most appalling ignorance of science one need only canvass its most vociferous defenders.

Oct 152015

Cynics don’t write. To print one’s words, expecting others to heed or even read them, is an act of preposterous faith in human nature.

Oct 142015

The cure for whoring after the new is to learn how old it is.

Oct 132015

We say that we don’t understand, not humbly, but petulantly, to fault the speaker for pretension, or obscurity, or knowledge of the subject.

Oct 092015

It is odd that there is so much talk of genius, when geniuses deny that it exists, and the rest of us wouldn’t know.

Oct 072015

There are abusers of art, as there are abusers of alcohol, for much the same reasons, and with much the same effects.