Dec 182015

All authors suspect, while they have no readers, that they are worthless. Then they acquire a few, and become convinced.

Dec 172015

If one person can destroy your business, you may as well have a job.

Dec 162015

The parsimonious explanation for why you feel like a fraud is that you are one.

Dec 152015

Perspective, n. In argument: A diversionary tactic.

Dec 112015

We argue in bad faith because we have forgotten what convinced us or are embarrassed by it.

Dec 102015

Our feelings may not be sincere, but our feelings about our feelings always are.

Dec 092015

We never find ourselves explaining that we don’t care about the opinions of others to the others whose opinions we don’t care about.

Dec 082015

A solitary aphorism can be perfect; a collection of them can only be intolerable.

Dec 072015

Intellectuals place a great premium on intelligence, to draw attention from the fact that they are, as a class, quite thick.