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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Jul 152015

Simplicity over complexity, history over fiction — the old regard these as aesthetic judgments; in fact they are mnemonic aids.

Jul 072015

There are perfect works of art, and great works of art, but no great work of art is perfect.

Jun 292015

An actor should be vulgar and insignificant off the stage: we prefer him as someone else.

Jun 242015

Where there are no constraints there can be no art.

May 252015

Guilty pleasure: Something you are afraid your inferiors might like.

May 132015

Quality, too, is subject to diminishing returns. The world runs on large amounts of good enough.

May 052015

Now we say that we do not understand what we only disapprove, and soon we truly will not understand.

Mar 262015

A golden age is the creation of a few, but we can all contribute to a degenerate one.