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I did not write a program to generate this book; I am that program.

Aug 262020

It is a world of men who look like Unix system administrators, without the Unix system administration skills.

Jul 232020

Dr. Seuss names his creatures Thing 1 and Thing 2 to signify that they are not distinct in any important way; statistics names its errors Type 1 and Type 2 to signify that they are.

May 252020

My father’s two fundamental rules for computer programming were Optimize Later and Optimize Never; and this, like so much advice about programming, also goes for life.

Jan 212020

The neuroses of the village can now be disseminated with the speed and efficiency of an advanced civilization.

Nov 212019

It is a mild defect of computers that they imitate humans imperfectly, and a grave defect of humans that they cannot imitate computers at all.