Erring – Everything


Error is boundless.
Nor hope nor doubt,
Though both be groundless,
Will average out.

Oct 072021

We believe only what we can afford, and our stupid or vicious beliefs usually come cheap.

Sep 082021

When there are two opposed opinions, each widely held, the truth generally lies on a large ellipse with those two points as the foci.

Aug 092021

Our ancestors attributed to the gods the vicissitudes of the weather, and we attribute to the President the vicissitudes of the stock market.

Jun 072021

“How can you say that such-and-such is against X, when X is right there in its name?” This argument owes its extraordinary popularity to its utility as a trial balloon: people who swallow it will swallow anything.

May 282021

When bemoaning all that you should know, but do not, spare a thought for all that you should not know, but do.

May 062021

When I was young, I regarded argument as a path to truth, later as a harmless vice, and finally as a positive plague.

Mar 302021

Fools come in two kinds: the Barren, whom nothing reminds of anything; and the Promiscuous, whom anything reminds of everything.