Erring – Everything


Error is boundless.
Nor hope nor doubt,
Though both be groundless,
Will average out.

Dec 262022

People can believe in anything but accidents.

Jul 142022

We are subject, when we change our mind, to exactly the same errors as when we make it up in the first place.

Jul 062022

Public acknowledgement of error is almost entirely for show. It has no point unless you reexamine the habits of thought that produced the error, which is best done in private.

Jun 162022

Of all discourse, only debate binds its participants, by rule and in advance, to a position that they must defend throughout. It is the formal expression of our worst tendencies.

Dec 172021

We complain to the gods that they don’t exist.

Dec 102021

One ought to be exercised about injustice for the bad, but not inordinately.

Oct 072021

We believe only what we can afford, and our stupid or vicious beliefs usually come cheap.