Seeming – Everything


Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Nov 032023

High art exists, but high-status art is what is generally meant.

Oct 272023

Every art depends on the great lie of discontinuity: that there are moments, beginnings, ends.

Oct 192023

Pretension is a debt, a loan taken against future learning. Sometimes the debtor pays it off; more often he becomes a bankrupt.

Oct 112023

The Four Plots

Dragged back in
Stranger in town
Road trip
I want what he’s having

Oct 092023

We say life imitates art because art is how we see life.

Aug 182023

The sole sacred duty of the critic is not to praise where praise is not due.

Jul 262023

In sane times prizes are useless. They become useful in mad times, as negative indicators.

Jul 192023

Islam is monotheist: Allah is always and everywhere the same. Christianity is polytheist: there are German, English, Latin, African, and American Christian gods, along with extinct historical versions, all incompatible and eternally at odds