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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Mar 132018

Artistic temperament without artistic talent is the last great infectious plague.

Jan 302018

Truth’s not Beauty, but it’s interesting.

Nov 282017

Civilization is not a cure for barbarism; it is a respite from barbarism, to be enjoyed while it lasts.

Nov 092017

Someone who understands politics is about as likely to set up as a pundit as someone who can predict the future is to set up as a psychic.

Oct 122017

To deify the state has a certain logic; for the state is compulsion and coercion, and these, too, are God’s usual means.

Aug 282017

Believing in God is how most people remind themselves that they are not He.

Aug 042017

We perpetuate ourselves with art and offspring; but art has less alloy and may last longer.

Jul 142017

Having got this world for free, we expect to pay dearly for the next.

Jul 122017

Flawlessness is a trivial quality in a work of art.