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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Jul 122017

Flawlessness is a trivial quality in a work of art.

Jul 102017

Fiction is more confining than history, for fiction must be plausible, while history need only be real.

Jun 282017

Cultural epochs used to last for centuries, then generations, then decades, now a year or two, and soon it will be fifteen minutes.

May 262017

The commercial and avant-garde hacks enslave themselves equally to their audience — one to confirm its expectations, one to frustrate them.

Apr 272017

It is the work of art to conceal art, and of criticism to reveal it again.

Apr 132017

The work of art is not the object, and not the experience of the object: it is the experience of having experienced it.

Mar 132017

If orchestral performances were movies, the instrumentalists would be celebrated, the conductor credited, and the composer unmentioned.