Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Aug 172015

The many delightful entertainments available on demand would be still more delightful if they were not available on demand.

Aug 122015

Money declares our trust in God, Who has observed our trust in money.

Aug 072015

I regret less the great works that have been irretrievably lost than the mediocre ones that have been irrevocably preserved.

Jul 162015

The movies compress everything, except sex and violence.

Jul 152015

Simplicity over complexity, history over fiction — the old regard these as aesthetic judgments; in fact they are mnemonic aids.

Jul 072015

There are perfect works of art, and great works of art, but no great work of art is perfect.

Jun 292015

An actor should be vulgar and insignificant off the stage: we prefer him as someone else.

Jun 242015

Where there are no constraints there can be no art.