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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Aug 302019

Christianity is like life insurance: you have to die to collect.

Aug 202019

In art incompetence is usually taken for directness and sincerity.

Aug 152019

Art in which adults can take no pleasure is unfit for children.

Jul 252019

Many of the disorders of the psychology textbooks are quite useful in moderation, and not a few are outright virtues.

Jul 082019

It is on the most dubious propositions that we lavish our most ardent desires.

Jul 012019

To dominate someone is to think less often of him than he does of you, and to do this on a mass scale is fame.

Jun 272019

Pleasure lies chiefly in anticipation and retrospection, the experience itself being necessary to ensure that neither is spoiled.

Apr 052019

It is the progressives, though they sneer at the Christians, who are most thoroughly convinced of grace by faith.

Mar 292019

Those who suffer for their art usually make you suffer for it too.

Feb 252019

Fiction: imaginary people, real problems. Sports: imaginary problems, real people.