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Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Dec 262023

We are told to judge a man by his best work, as if to judge what is a man’s best work were less a task than to judge the man.

Oct 302023

Sometimes you can fix your problems by finding yourself a new one.

Oct 102023

Easy tasks are easier than they look, and hard ones are much, much harder.

Aug 072023

Only a tiny minority of the employees of a large corporation concern themselves, even in an abstract and indirect way, with profit and loss.

Jul 102023

If you must pursue your passion, at least do it dispassionately.

Apr 212023

The great task of industrial civilization was to create leisure, and the great task of post-industrial civilization is to occupy it.

Apr 192023

Proper service demands the extinction of personality, the entire subjugation of oneself to another’s needs and desires. In America, where this runs counter to the national religion, it cannot be had at any price.