Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Nov 202015

If content were king, Santa would work for the elves.

Nov 042015

The Puritans labored, not to persuade God to elect them — that was decided — but to show the neighbors that He had. Status trumps Grace.

Sep 172015

“Because I can” is a severely underrated principle of human behavior.

Jun 292015

An actor should be vulgar and insignificant off the stage: we prefer him as someone else.

May 272015

Expert judgment is two parts inconsistency and one part bad memory.

May 072015

You think you have a job. What you have is a consulting company with only one client.

Apr 302015

One cannot read journalism without being struck by how often journalism is its subject.

Apr 272015

It is our grave misfortune to regard the principle of first doing no harm as applying only, or especially, to doctors.