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Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Aug 162017

Only poor salesmen have to believe in their product.

Jul 182017

Men want most to be useful, but will settle, if thwarted, for destructive.

Jun 142017

If the practitioners of other disciplines understood science more they would imitate it less.

May 102017

You pay the therapist not to tell you his problems, and the whore to leave.

May 032017

Engineers build things; then scientists explain how they work.

Apr 252017

Personnel became Human Resources, which will serve as an epigraph for the past century; and then HR, which will serve for the present one.

Mar 212017

To the horrors of war every soldier becomes inured; it is the petty harassments and nagging discomforts of war that dispirit and defeat him.

Mar 012017

Every discipline attempts to transfer sovereignty from the consumer to the producer; “professionalism” is our name for a successful coup.

Feb 222017

Collegiality is implacably hostile to independence of mind, and it can be avoided only by not having colleagues.