Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Oct 232014

If you aren’t supposed to use people, what do you do with them?

Jul 182014

When you don’t need a doctor, you really don’t need one.

Jun 272014

Intellectuals are hostile to businessmen chiefly because the public prefers what the businessmen are selling.

Jun 242014

The more you know how things work, the less you expect them to.

May 272014

Blessed are the toolmakers, for real work consists less in performing difficult tasks than in making them easy.

May 262014

The soldier perfects how at the expense of why.

May 222014

No situation is so desperate that a little hard work and ingenuity can’t make it worse.

May 142014

Notable achievements involve a lot of staring into space.

May 132014

Our doctors have cured so much, so little of it disease.

May 082014

Effort is like medicine: half of it is useless or harmful, and the trick is to know which half.