Self-Loving – Everything


We all come into this world with our little egos equipped with individual horns. If we don’t blow them, who will?

Jul 012021

When you find a man to admire, look immediately for sordid particulars of his life and opinions, lest you be tempted to admire him further.

May 182021

We affect to despise ignorant bigotry, when it is knowledgeable, highly cultivated bigotry that we really find objectionable.

Apr 222021

We asked first for eternal life, then eternal youth; today we plead for eternal adolescence and tomorrow for eternal infancy.

Mar 162021

Everyone is secretly pleased to be charged with elitism, and when the charge is denied it is with the aim of confirming its justice.

Mar 042021

Some men feed on opprobrium: the scorn of the crowd assures them of their own unbending integrity.

Feb 172021

Everyone cares less for the lives of millions of strangers than the life of his own dog; the modern derangement is to feel guilty about it.

Oct 202020

An abrasive personality may profit a thinker; it certifies for his followers that they care for the ideas and nothing else.