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We all come into this world with our little egos equipped with individual horns. If we don’t blow them, who will?

Feb 172021

Everyone cares less for the lives of millions of strangers than the life of his own dog; the modern derangement is to feel guilty about it.

Oct 202020

An abrasive personality may profit a thinker; it certifies for his followers that they care for the ideas and nothing else.

Oct 092020

It’s so weird that there are people who do not have my exact tastes and interests.

Sep 282020

Thought-criminals, like regular ones, would escape punishment more often if they could manage not to boast of their exploits.

Sep 172020

To imagine oneself rejected on the basis of race, sex, or creed must be a great comfort, pushing away, as it does, the idea of more personal rejection.

Sep 042020

If you want to know what most people’s inner lives are like, imagine the Old Testament, but starring you instead of the Jews.

Aug 182020

Curing delusion has become, for psychiatry, a simple matter of demanding that the world see the subject as he sees himself.

Jul 032020

Once it was fashionable to be fat, to show that you got enough to eat; and then it became fashionable to be thin, to distinguish yourself from the ostentatiously fat. This is the complete history of taste.