Remembering – Everything


The obscurest epoch is today.

Dec 102020

The obscure artist awaits the verdict of posterity, unable to compete with the living, expecting to compete with the dead.

Nov 242020

The 20th century, among its various disgraces, managed to give both “science” and “rationality” a bad name.

Sep 142020

About a century ago “poet” became a polite term for half-wit, and then it was “artist”, and it will be “scientist” sooner than you think.

Jul 092020

First we were killed by nature, then by rulers, and finally we resorted to killing ourselves.

May 212020

To make an omelet you have to break a few eggs; to make a bigger one you have to break a few more; and to make an enormous, imperishable, world-historical omelet, millions of broken eggs are required.