Remembering – Page 6 – Everything


The obscurest epoch is today.

Dec 032019

Those who think they are the future can’t tell you half as much about it as those who know they are the past.

Nov 192019

The nostalgia is not for poverty but for the social bonds that poverty demands and cements.

Oct 312019

Journalism is the first draft of history, shortly to reside with all other first drafts.

Oct 152019

The past also judges us, less indulgently than the future will.

Oct 112019

Civilization is always under attack, always crumbling, always burning; it ends when we can no longer repel the invaders, shore up the foundations, and extinguish the flames.

Sep 272019

History is lenient with the vicious and powerful victims of tyrants still more vicious and powerful.

Sep 122019

Yesterday’s distant dream, today’s brilliant innovation, tomorrow’s basic human right.

Jul 172019

It is simple to cheat an honest man; and one of the great themes of modern history is honest men getting cheated.