Remembering – Page 5 – Everything


The obscurest epoch is today.

Sep 132018

The people who believe in Whig history have never read a page of it.

Aug 202018

The philosopher, who needs to remember what he knows, forgets; and the historian, who needs to forget, remembers.

Aug 102018

Ideologies overtly hostile to civilization are among its less fortunate byproducts.

Jul 252018

To imagine not knowing what we know is the indispensable habit of the historian; its opposite is easier to master.

Jun 252018

One wonders what people who oppose eugenics think history is.

May 162018

The past is rarely given voice, except to pronounce in favor of present fashion.

May 082018

To be on the wrong side of history is sometimes fatal; to be in its way always is.

Apr 242018

The makers of history know too little of how it will turn out, and the writers know too much.

Apr 232018

History does not swim left; it is pushed, by the many little helpers on its right side.