Remembering – Page 5 – Everything


The obscurest epoch is today.

May 102021

In less than two centuries communism has established itself as the apex predator on civilization, a killing machine: one admires it as one admires a hardy but lethal virus, or the great white shark.

May 072021

At the beginning of civilization we hate and fear the alien; at its height we study and attempt to understand him; and in its dotage we accept and support him, and at the end prefer him to our own.

Mar 262021

The keyboard warrior is sure that, in 1930s Germany, he would have fought for the resistance and not the Party, as the believer in reincarnation is sure that, in a past life in ancient Rome, she was the emperor’s favorite concubine.

Dec 102020

The obscure artist awaits the verdict of posterity, unable to compete with the living, expecting to compete with the dead.

Nov 242020

The 20th century, among its various disgraces, managed to give both “science” and “rationality” a bad name.