Remembering – Page 20 – Everything


The obscurest epoch is today.

Apr 042013

We remember what we believe, and believe what we remember.

Feb 252013

We are more like our contemporaries than we imagine, and less like our ancestors.

Jan 022013

The historian imagines leaders who move nations by themselves, as the physicist imagines spherical cows of uniform density.

Dec 252012

We call past ages unhappy with no better warrant than supposing that we would have been unhappy in them.

Dec 052012

Every contemporary freethinker would believe in Christianity if born in medieval England, and slavery if born in ancient Rome.

Nov 192012

All agree that memory is fugitive, but few draw the necessary conclusion about identity.

Oct 242012

Our descendants will regard us for hanging men as we regard our ancestors for hanging dogs.

Oct 182012

We owe modern clangor to the unremitting efforts of generations of quiet and sedentary men.