Schooling – Everything


Manufacturing stupidity.

Nov 132023

What sort of instruction is best depends on who is being taught, and what sort of government is best depends on who is being ruled.

Oct 252023

Why are children better at learning languages than adults? Because children are better at learning than adults.

Oct 192023

Pretension is a debt, a loan taken against future learning. Sometimes the debtor pays it off; more often he becomes a bankrupt.

Oct 132023

It is now possible to be innocent of mathematics, science, history, logic, and languages, and unblushingly refer to oneself as educated.

Aug 282023

I can no longer read of an academic conference without thinking of the scene in Love and Death when Woody Allen and Diane Keaton bring their village idiot to a village idiots’ convention, where they are greeted by a huge banner reading WELCOME IDIOTS.

Mar 172023

Students need to see thinking in action. Instead they are shown thinking accomplished, and the two look nothing alike.

Jan 262023

School penalizes the student mildly for knowing less than the examiners, and harshly for knowing more.

Jan 092023

Americans don’t read for pleasure; the books we are assigned in high school see to that.