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Manufacturing stupidity.

Dec 062018

If only I could have school over again, to leave sooner and do worse.

Nov 052018

Public schooling profits only that narrow band of students, neither clever nor dim, from which all future public schoolteachers will be drawn.

Sep 042018

First we learn to stand and talk, and then we are taught to sit down and shut up.

Aug 152018

There are two reasons to be optimistic about children: parents don’t affect them much, and neither does school.

Aug 142018

Tenure would be an ideal system for the protection of heretical ideas if it were ever given to a person who might express one.

Jul 112018

Life is exactly like high school, and not one bit like college.

Jun 182018

Community college used to be high school with ashtrays, and then that was college, and then they took away the ashtrays.

Apr 032018

Successful pedagogy requires the right students; successful governance, the right populace.

Mar 292018

The twin tragedies of pedagogy: talent without application, and application without talent.

Jan 192018

The stupid kids turned out to be not quite as stupid as we thought, and the smart kids nowhere near as smart.