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Manufacturing stupidity.

Nov 282022

What audiences love and critics hate is likely vulgar; what audiences hate and critics love is likely malicious.

Mar 242022

Never have so many been so eager to participate in class discussion without having done the reading.

Mar 072022

School, n.   A group of poets, painters, philosophers, economists, historians, sociologists, literary critics, or fish.

Jan 252022

When we products of a modern upbringing were children, we spake as children, understood as children, thought as children: and when we became men, nothing changed.

Aug 132021

Modern political theory has become bloodless, shunting off questions of wise and just policy to sister disciplines like economics and moral philosophy, and busying itself with quibbles over standing.

Jul 092021

Rigor, n.   Buttressing one’s dubious claims with the dubious claims of previous authors; footnotes.

Dec 252020

Everyone has something to teach us; it is usually the valuable lesson that we need pay him no further mind.