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Manufacturing stupidity.

Aug 132021

Modern political theory has become bloodless, shunting off questions of wise and just policy to sister disciplines like economics and moral philosophy, and busying itself with quibbles over standing.

Jul 092021

Rigor, n.   Buttressing one’s dubious claims with the dubious claims of previous authors; footnotes.

Dec 252020

Everyone has something to teach us; it is usually the valuable lesson that we need pay him no further mind.

Jul 082020

It is frequently remarked that IQ tests measure your ability to perform well on IQ tests; the same could be said, more accurately, of school.

Feb 252020

Many academic fields are barren, most because there are no truths to discover, not a few because the practitioners are too dull to discover them.

Dec 162019

More education, touted by all sides as the solution for every conceivable social problem, has yet to fix a single one, though it has created a few.