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Manufacturing stupidity.

Jan 082018

It seems increasingly doubtful that class participation should ever have been encouraged.

Jan 052018

I would gladly trade a bit more bullying for a lot less tattling.

Dec 202017

America has allowed countless uneducated and unskilled people to become uneducated and unskilled people who have gone to college.

Dec 122017

A professor is, quite literally, someone who does not draw the conclusions from his own premises.

Oct 102017

Doing badly in school is your best chance to come through it unscathed.

Oct 052017

Behind every wise child are several foolish adults.

Sep 182017

A class of failed disciplines — psychiatry, education, macroeconomics — unable to raise the mean, lower the variance and declare victory.

Jul 312017

The full-grown model pupil speaks of “problems” to be “solved”, as if the world were a textbook and these the exercises.

May 172017

Who, after seven hours a day, five days a week, nine months a year in school, hasn’t thought, at least once, about shooting up the place?