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Manufacturing stupidity.

Jul 112018

Life is exactly like high school, and not one bit like college.

Jun 182018

Community college used to be high school with ashtrays, and then that was college, and then they took away the ashtrays.

Apr 032018

Successful pedagogy requires the right students; successful governance, the right populace.

Mar 292018

The twin tragedies of pedagogy: talent without application, and application without talent.

Jan 192018

The stupid kids turned out to be not quite as stupid as we thought, and the smart kids nowhere near as smart.

Jan 082018

It seems increasingly doubtful that class participation should ever have been encouraged.

Jan 052018

I would gladly trade a bit more bullying for a lot less tattling.

Dec 202017

America has allowed countless uneducated and unskilled people to become uneducated and unskilled people who have gone to college.

Dec 122017

A professor is, quite literally, someone who does not draw the conclusions from his own premises.

Oct 102017

Doing badly in school is your best chance to come through it unscathed.