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Manufacturing stupidity.

Feb 042016

Why is experience the best teacher? Because we only really listen to ourselves.

Jan 072016

There are born fools, but most of us have to work at it.

Oct 202015

The shortest way to make a million dollars is to start with a hundred million; and so it is with education.

May 212015

Remember kids, stay in school — unless you have a particular talent, in which case you’re just wasting your time.

Feb 052015

A chief source of the world’s ills is that it is run largely by people who did well in school.

Jan 282015

I might have had a proper education if I had not been forced to spend so much time in school.

Jan 132015

The best teachers and preachers are never caught at it.

Dec 172014

All intellectuals must begin as pseudo-intellectuals.